Hard Daze Nite playing at the Rogue Tomato on 6/7

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Hard Daze Nite

Jimmy Tiberia- Bass Guitar and Vocals

Originally from Buffalo, NY, I moved to Phoenix in 1980. I’ve been playing in the Valley since 1983. Special thanks to my Dad “Tib” who played the stand-up bass for his own 3-piece combo and my brother Tom who followed suit with the electric bass. The bass is in my blood! Ecstatic to be playing my favorite music with a great group of friends. Thank you Sir Paul McCartney for your melodic style and to my wife Cathy for her continued support of my passion and hobby.

Larry Collura – Drums and Vocals

Moved to Phoenix in 1972 from Brooklyn, N.Y. February 9, 1964 @ age 2, I was told I sat in front of the TV with two pots and pans & wooden spoons playing along with The Beatles on the Ed Sullivan Show. I’ve been playing Beatles songs for 51 years. I joined Hard Daze Nite in 2014 and living the dream of carrying on The Beatles legacy.

Mark Tennant – Guitar, Synth and Vocals

Moved to Phoenix in 1959 from Zanesville, OH. Many musical people in my family, including my mom, who is a vocalist. Originally inspired to play guitar by listening to the The Beatles. I am very excited to have the opportunity to play some of my favorite music with Jim, Karl and Larry, who have the same vision and love for this music.

Karl Weber – Guitar, Keys &Vocals

Born in Shelby Ohio, there was always music in our home as my father played piano and I was influenced by Dixieland jazz and classical music. I would listen to my father play and would try to imitate him. I self -taught myself to play piano by age five. When I heard the Beatles on The ED Sullivan Show I knew I had to play that music so I bought myself a guitar and was playing in nightclubs by age sixteen. I left home in 1977 to play music on the road and settled in Arizona in 1980. During the 80’s I did songwriting and studio production. I am fortunate to have always played with great musicians over the years and this band is no exception.
I’m excited about our bands commitment to playing accurate reproductions of Beatles music and playing with Hard Daze Nite has become a dream come true.

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